Erbert Electric is here to serve you, the customer, in providing the very best Overland Park Electrician.  We offer a full service department to meet all your electrical needs.

When you need service, whether it’s for your home or business, you can count on us to help.  We have qualified knowledgeable staff to set up your appointment. We will dispatch our technician to quickly diagnose your problem, give you options and then get the project completed in a timely manner.  

We know how hard you work to care for your property and we promise to treat your home or business as if it was our own.

Erbert Electric is fully licensed and insured for your protection as an Overland Park Electrician.

Residential Service and New Construction:  Whether you are building your dream home or need one of our electricians to fix your existing home, we are here to help.  We can walk you step by step from design to finish. We can help you through the planning and budgeting stages and help you to choose the right fixtures and components to get the best results.

Commercial Service and New Construction:  Our Overland Park electrician technicians are no stranger to commercial projects.   With over 80% of our work being commercial there are not too many jobs we won’t tackle.

Erbert Electric has completed contracts on over 80 Sonic Drive In restaurants since opening our doors.  Two things always ring true, at the end of the day our work looks good and we meet budgets.

Electrical Service upgrades: Do you need to add a new appliance, hot tub, pool pump or other piece of equipment that has a large consumption of power?  Is your electrical service sized correctly to handle this new load? Do you have enough space in the panel to add the new circuit?  

Most electrical services on older homes were not designed for the electrical load and strain from large modern appliances.  These services have inadequately sized wire. This causes lights to dim and flicker when appliances like your air conditioner are turned on.  This causes unnecessary heating of the electrical components and connections thus causing the problem to compound itself. Before you know it, you’re in the dark.  Get your free service upgrade quote today. We will dispatch one of our highly qualified technicians to check your service, get you quote or get you back up and running quickly.

Annual Electrical Check Up:  The electrical system in a house or a building is the most overlooked maintenance item.  When a problem arises, it is usually too late. Electrical repairs at this point can be costly and very dangerous not to mention, they can leave you in the dark.

Erbert Electric offers electrical system maintenance inspections to our customers. Our licensed Overland Park Electrician technicians will check all parts of your electrical system including:

  • Electrical Service
  • Electrical Panel  
  • Switches and Receptacles
  • Smoke and CO3 detectors
  • Circuits
  • Electrical lug connections
  • Breaker connections
  • Bus Bar connections
  • Current draw
  • Component temperature
  • Breaker temperature   


Surge protection:  In the new age of electronics and computers, surge protection has never been more important.  Protect your valuable sensitive equipment with whole house surge protection.  Erbert Electric can install surge protection on your home.  We can install UPS power supplies on your computers that could save your devices from power surges and lightning strikes.

Our technicians will assess the grounding system on your home.  They can make the corrections needed to be certain your grounding system is safe and has the best chance to direct a lightning strike straight to ground rather than traveling through the components of your home.

Back up Generators:  Few scenarios for a family are met with as much frustration as waiting out a power outage in the dark.  An interruption of power causes us to put our lives on hold until the power is restored. With a standby generator we can eliminate this problem.  Our generator systems prevent the aggravation automatically. Best of all, they provide you with piece of mind.

Erbert Electric is a authorized Briggs and Stratton generator dealer.  We are also certified Briggs and Stratton repair specialists.

Lighting Upgrades:  Since the introduction of LED lighting, cost savings on your electrical bill can be substantial.  

Contact us today to see how you can decrease your power bill, increase the lifespan of your lighting system and make your home more attractive.

We can add LED lighting to your living areas, patios, landscaping, offices, countertops or change your existing fixtures to LED.

Outlets and Switches:  Have you found a new way to arrange your furniture but there is no electrical outlet exactly where you need it?  We can help there too as an Overland Park Electrician. We can add outlets and switches with ease in most cases.

Hot Tub and Pool Wiring:  Installing a hot tub or a pool?  We are just a phone call away. Electrical for pool or hot tub installation can be tricky.  There are a lot of rules that must be followed in order to make the installation safe. Don’t trust your safety to your uncles friends brother.  Make sure the installation is done right the very first time.

GFCI Outlets:  The National Electric Code requires all outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, unfinished basements and any outlets outdoors to be GFCI protected.  GFCI’s are designed to trip off when a ground fault is sensed. This rule was put into effect for your protection. Make sure your outlets in these areas are protected.  Not sure they are? No problem. We can check that out for you and get you on the path to being safe.

ARC Fault Breakers:   Technology advances everyday.  The manufacturers of breakers now make a breaker called an Arc fault.  These breakers have the capability of recognising the characteristics of an electrical arc and have the ability to shut themselves off.  

Electrical fires rank 5th on the reason for fires in homes and a high percentage of these fires is caused by faulty cords.  Protect your home today with an evaluation and arc fault breaker installation.

Ceiling Fans:  Erbert Electric is the home of the $89 ceiling fan installation as an Overland Park Electrician.  If you have an existing light fixture, we can install your fan for $89. Don’t have a existing light fixture?  No problem. We can get you a quote to install that fan.

Not only does a ceiling fan help move cool air in the summer, it can be reversed in the winter to bring the rising heat off your ceiling thus lowering your heating bill.  It’s a win win situation.