Overland Park Electricians | The truth about electrical maintenance


How often do you have qualified licensed Overland Park Electricians in your home?  Is the electrical contractor in Kansas City always doing the right thing when you’re not looking?  Often time the Kansas City area electricians rush into your home, complete their work and then rush out to get to the next call.  At Erbert Electric Overland Park we believe that our customer service is number one. We don’t fill each of our Overland Park Electricians days up with a crazy amount of calls and make them rush in and out of your home.


Electrical systems do require maintenance.  If an electrician in Kansas City rushes in and out of your home there is no time for them to look things over.  Let’s face it, if you go to the doctor and he rushes in and out of your appointment and misses something obvious, the doctor would be doing his patients a disservice.  This is the same way we feel about your electrical system.  

The Best Part

Erbert Electric, The Best Kansas City Electrician, takes a little bit of extra time to take the cover off your electrical panel, make sure the connections are tight and just evaluate the overall condition of the heart of your electrical system. The best part, you never pay a dime more for us to do this.  If we find a problem, we can give the home owner several options to repair the problem before it becomes a hazard or fails. We believe this is a very important aspect of electrical service company.


Electrical maintenance doesn’t just consist of removing your panel cover.  Do you have broken or loose outlets, lights that flicker just the slightest bit?  These are all signs of a failing electrical system. Are your smoke detectors looking a bit yellowed?  Did you know that there is a compound added to the plastic to make them yellow over time? These are the small things trained and qualified Overland Park Electricians notice in your home.   


We can replace those faulty or old smoke detectors in a flash and have you up to date with the best and newest models.  Ceiling fans are a breeze for us to install. Outlets can be replaced almost as fast as you can snap your fingers. The good news is we are just a simple phone call away.  We can be at your house on time every time. No more waiting around staring at the clock wondering where all the Overland Park Electricians are hiding. Check out our overall 5 star rating on Google.  Please call today (913) 738-4843 or book online by visiting www.erbertelectric.com