Overland Park Electricians| Service standards
This content was written for Erbert Electric

Most overland park electricians have very low service standards. At Erbert Electric we know that a happy customer
is a repeat customer. Have you had trouble in the past with other electricians? Do you ever ask yourself, how do I just get this guy out of my house? Did you almost have a heart attack when you looked at the bill?

Our customers are treated much different. Our electricians take so much pride in their skills. They work very hard to help people. We use our skills to help homeowners and getting paid is a bonus. We are not satisfied until the customer is satisfied. Erbert electric operates off a set of principals that is the best of all Overland park electricians have to offer.


Our core principals are Integrity. We believe in always doing the right thing. Giving. We like to give back to our customers and community. Professionalism. We take pride in the way we look and operate our business. Communication. Communication is our number one priority. Efficency. We work smart and fast and never compromise our integrity. Faith. we believe God gave us our skills to help others in need.

Overland Park electricians know that a happy customer is a repeat customer. You will tell ten friends about your experience with Erbert electric and we want the words you speak about us to be good. When we satisfy one client that builds our reputation tremendously. This helps our business grow and become even more able to serve the kansas city metro area.

Please contact us today. Get a free estimate from us. I believe once you have us to your home for service you will continue to telll all your friends and neighbors about the service. We have a 5 star google review rating.