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The importance of electrical maintenance.

Have you ever considered in Overland Park electrician to do all your electrical service? Is your electrical service in dire need of upgrade but you’re not sure what to do? Have your lights ever flickered or jammed for no apparent reason? Are your outlets in your home loose and your vacuum cord falls out while you’re vacuuming your rug?

These are all signs of lack of electrical maintenance. Electrical maintenance is one of the most overlooked items on your household chore list. Every spring you paint your house, check your roof and look over your plumbing issues. It’s not that often that you pull the outlets are your walls and check the wiring behind the outlet to see if it’s OK. It’s not very often that you take the screws out of your panel board and check to make sure that all your breaker connections are tight and in good condition.

Most electrical issues occur at the beginning point of your electrical connection the panel board. Often times the connections to your breakers or your main busbars become loose and begin to get hot. Electrical wires commonly vibrate due to the nature of electric being delivered to your home at 60 cps. These vibrations can cause screws to come loose overtime and begin to overheat. This overheating causes the breakers to frequently trip on nuisance because breakers operate and tripped on heat. So the connections must remain tight in order to function properly. This is not only the case with your breaker panel but also the case with every connection electrical system from light fixtures to switches and outlets

Electrical Inspection

So take a minute to call your Overland Park electrician today and schedule your free in-home safety inspection. At Erbert Electric we have a 12 point electrical safety inspection that our technician can go through on your home next time you have a service call. Please ask for the safety inspection I will be happy to perform it at find out where your faults In your electrical system are. A little bit of maintenance now goes along way and the health of your electrical system.

Your Overland Park electrician, Erbert Electric is here to help you today. We can tighten the connections on your panel clean out your panel and have you maintenance worry free in the short period of time. So don’t hesitate to call us today at 913-738-4837 and schedule your appointment. We take pride in the quality of our work and service and you won’t be dissatisfied.