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Does your service hang low over your yard or driveway? Have you ever been concerned that you may hit the wire with your truck? Is your service wire low enough where your kids may touch it? Your favorite Overland Park Electricians can help ease your mind by raising your service wire to meet the national electric code.

The national electric code tells us the height of each and every service in the United States. The required height of services located over a driveway must be 12 feet above the ground. When it runs over your yard, where there is no vehicle traffic, the height is reduced to 10 feet. If your service is lower than this, you need to call an Overland Park Electrician to repair this violation. Not only is a low service wire in danger of being snagged and pulled down but, there is a risk of electric shock.

Over the years Erbert Electric has been called out many times for power problems. Sometimes the overhead wire has been chewed by squirrels. These nicks in the wire insulation may not be noticeable at first. Problems will start to occur when water is able to penetrate where the vermin has chewed off the insulation. When the wire is low and has chew marks, the danger of shock becomes even more dangerous. Sometimes tree branches can come in contact with these wires and rub holes or bare spots in the insulation.

If your service seems too low call Erbert electric now. We can give you a free evaluation and make recommendations to get your service wires up and out of reach of the public. This will make it safe for everyone who enters your yard. We all know that we want to keep everyone safe and never have any problems. This is where your favorite Overland Park Electricians shine. Erbert Electric will get the job done fast and never sacrifice quality.

We have an overall five star rating on Google. We are very proud of this rating and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied. So call us right now, drop what you are doing and pick up the phone and call (913) 738-4843. You will be very happy once we raise your electric service. You can tell all your friends about your great experience with Erbert Electric.