Overland Park Electricians | Building a Successful Service Company
This content was written for Erbert Electric

When Overland Park Electricians decide there is a need for service electricians in the Kansas City area and start a new business, it is a big leap of faith. It is very hard to get service calls when no one knows you are actually working in the area. Advertising is very expensive and is just one of the ways you can get your name out there. As Overland Park Electricians venture out on their own they are very inexperienced and can make a lot of mistakes.

When Erbert Electric was formed in 2004 we had a vision of a small town service company that provided in home electrical service. We built our reputation on being punctual, friendly and less expensive than the competition. The small town vision was soon replaced by bigger aspiration and that is how Erbert Electric Overland Park came into existence.

Small Town Charm

We took our small town charm and service and moved it into Overland Park. We did grow as a business but we kept the same attitude we have being from small town USA. The needs of the people wanting Electrical service in Kansas City Area were the same as the smaller communities but the number of people was increased a hundred fold. Even though the hustle and bustle of the big city is quite different the theory of electricity remains the same. If you are tired of the big city service of time windows that range from somewhere between 8 and noon or noon and 5 we have the service for you!

Erbert Electric Overland Park understands how busy your life is and we wont make you wait. When you book your appointment at 8:30, we will be there at 8:30. We know you have no time to take off work and we respect that. When you call for service you will be greeted by nice staff that can help you set up your appointment. We love our customers and we want you to know that.

As the best Overland Park Electricians we can provide you with free quotes and flat rate pricing. There will be no surprises and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have an overall 5 star rating with google and we are proud of that. If your need an electrician in the Overland Park area just give us a call at (913) 738-4843 and set up an appointment. We serve all of Johnson County and we will be on time and do it right the first time!