Overland Park Electricians | Budgeting for Electrical Repairs
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When you hire Overland Park Electricians you may have an dollar amount in mind that it will take to complete your project. Have you ever paid for an estimate just to find out it exceeded your budget? Not all electric companies charge the same amount for the same service. It is hard to plan a project when the cost exceeds the budget. In this article we will touch on a few common services that everyday homeowners will use along with approximate cost.

Replacing devices

Replacing an outlet, switch or breaker may seem like an easy task for Overland Park Electricians and it is relatively easy if you’re qualified. In a larger city such as Overland Park a call out fee is added to the service. Keep in mind this charge needs to be added to the prices we are about to provide. A new outlet installed in an existing electrical box where the faulty outlet needs to be replaced you could expect to spend $80.00. For a new switch you should spend about $75.00. This is a fair price to cover the cost of the material plus the time for the electrician to get to your house and complete the work.

Installing a ceiling fan

We are going to assume in this example that you have a ceiling fan that is existing and you need it replaced with a new one. You can make a trip to your local lighting store or your local home improvment store and pick up a wide range of fans. The best of the best fans will be manufactured by Casablanca. A mid range fan would be a brand named Craft made. Either of these two should give you years of great service. You could expect to spend around $90-$150 to have a professional electrician install the fan. If you choose a cheaper fan, say $100 or less, you can expect it to last 3 years. Most of the lower end fans will start hum or wobble. There is not much Overland Park Electricians can do about a fan that hums.

New electric service

New electric service can be a scary thing. It is the life blood of your electrical system and when it is not functioning properly it creates stress and inconvience. An electrical service can be rather expensive and in most cases is repaired or replaced after an emegency situation. As a homeowner it would be beneficial to pay an electrician a small fee every year to inspect your electrical components and evaluate the condition so you have time to plan for expensive projects before they become emergencies. Services on houses can top in excess of $3,000 to replace.

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