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Are you aware, in newer homes built from 2014 to the present are required to meet strict National Electric Code guidelines? One of the rules that Overland Park Electricians must follow is Arc Fault protection. The Arc fault protection or AFCI is built into certain breakers or special AFCI outlets. Do you know why AFCI is important? Here is an example: If you have a lamp and your dog chews on this cord it can compromise the insulation on the cord. If you’re not aware that there is a short in the cord and it starts to sizzle and arc it gives off a signature wave form in the electrical sine wave. This signature wave form will be recognized by the AFCI device and the device will trip off.

In 2014 the national code adopted the AFCI rule requiring. All 120 volt single phase 15 and 20 amp circuits supplying power to kitchens, family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, parlors, closets, hallways, libraries, dens and laundry areas be AFCI protected. This rule will save millions of dollars in damages caused by fires. Overland Park Electricians must follow this rule or risk having their licenses revoked by the inspection department.

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AFCI protection can be added to existing homes to give an extra amount of safety for you and your family. We can offer you a free quote today to install AFCI protection on all your circuits. Sometimes AFCI cannot easily be installed for example, in a multi wire branch circuit where the conductors have shared a neutral AFCI cannot be installed easily. That’s OK, Erbert Electric can replace those wires at a reasonable cost and add a layer of AFCI protection to your home.

As an Overland Park Electrician we have an overall 5 star rating on Google and this makes us proud. We can get to your home on time be eager to work and get you an estimate before the work even begins. All the fine folks we have had the pleasure to serve have been completely satisfied and left us great reviews. We will be proud to call you our customer and get your home protected by AFCI.

I want you and your family to take every precaution possible to remain safe. At Erbert Electric we care about our customers. If the customer is satisfied we get great reviews that’s why we take customer satisfaction so seriously. If you are in need of service, please call now at (913) 738-4843 and speak to our helpful office staff.