Overland Park Electrician | Our core values

This content was written for Erbert electric

Why should you choose Erbert electric? We believe in a set of core values that are business wants to have in every area of our business. We are a family company local to Overland Park electrician office and we hold many of the following values in our own families as well. Our values are integrity, giving, professionalism, family, education, efficiency, and faith. If you hold any of these in your own family core values or business values do not hesitate to be a part of our company. We believe that the best company is the one that holds the customer at the center of everything that that we do.

That’s what we want to be here at erbert electric. We believe in integrity. This is whenever we do the right thing even whenever someone else isn’t watching. The matter the circumstances we believe that the best electric services can be provided to you because we hire only the best technicians who both integrity at the base of their work ethic. If a business does not have integrity then we believe that the business does not deserve any customers. We are local to Overland Park electrician based in Kansas and we want you to call us if you have any electric needs. If you need an electrician with integrity we are here to help.

We believe in giving and professionalism as well. And giving we want our team to always give back to our community and customers the way we believed we would want to be treated. We also want our customers to be treated with professionalism as we would also like that in our own business contacts. Our community wants nothing more than a professional’s touch to your electric needs. We also hold family to our core values as well and we want your family and ours to come first. We also hold our work-family at the core of our business and we want everyone that works with us to be treated as such. As a customer with us you will be treated as family just as you should.

We also believe in communication. If the business does not have good communication and we believe that that business will fail. If you need any electric needs that do not hesitate to communicate with us through our phone number or email or website. If you have any electrical problems we are based in Kansas Missouri Oklahoma Arkansas and Nevada. We have offices in Overland Park and Iola and chanute as well. An Overland Park electrician is what you needed to have any electrical problems at all today.

Because we have good communication we believe that in order for our businesses succeed then you need to be able to contact us at any time that is why we have our phone number on our website at all times which is 918 738 4843 and our website iserbertelectric.com so do not hesitate to contact us if you have the same core values of our business as we do in your business or family.

Overland Park Electrician | Our Team

This content was written for Erbert electric

There are several electrical problems that could be wrong with your business or home and if you have any kind of problem then please contact us because we want to be the business to help you in any electrical problem situation. We do not want you to be in danger of being shocked or hurt by electrical equipment being broken so please let a seasoned licensed technician from our Overland Park electrician office handle your home or business problem. The last thing we want is for you our customer to be hurt by touching any buyers or dangerous equipment.

Our customers need to be safe and we believe that our technicians are capable to handle your electrical problem if you have anything going awry. We believe that our customers deserve only the best technicians and we only hire investigations so if you need any kind of electrical work do not worry our workers are here to help. Customers are earned not bought and we believe that once you have good service by our technicians then we want you to be a long-lasting customer. We believe that every customer is different and we want to respect every customer in their respective ways. So if you need any work do not hesitate to contact us. We cater to any kind in all sizes of projects. We also offer free estimates and if you are a military veteran or senior citizen we offer discounts as well.

Even if you need a design projects that we have some of the best designers in the industry which can help you with design and budget with you as well. Our team holds many core values which are designed to be implemented in every way possible. We believe in good communication professionalism and quality care for our customers. And we believe that seasoned technicians are only the best workers to help you in your situation. So if you have any design project then we have Jason erbert on our team who has worked on multiple design projects and helped with budgets as well. One of his largest projects has stopped over $10 million and we believe that he can help you with any situation possible. An Overland Park electrician like Jason is worthy for project of your sale. We believe that Jason is one of the best designers possible for any project like yours and if you have any needs possible please contact us.

We also have Stephanie on our team who spends time with all of our clients and we want you to always be in contact with our team and she will help help you. These super incredible Stephanie will always be here for you if you have any needs. We will always want to go the extra mile for our clients and Stephanie goes 10 extra miles just for you. So do not hesitate to get in contact with Stephanie who brings his only the best quality work to our team.

So if you have any electrical problems or needs or if you need anything designed in Overland Park electrician’s will help you at Erbert electric. We want to make sure that our customers have only the best work done to their electrical equipment or designed the best way possible that is why we have the best people on our team. So if you wanting be in contact with Jason or Stephanie please go to our website at erbertelectric.com or call us at 918 738 4843.