Find Best Overland Park Electrician | Fall Electrical Maintenance

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Fall time is approaching fast in the Overland Park area. Do you know how to Find Best Overland Park Electrician? As Overland Park Electricians We have a deal for you. In the winter time we suggest that you run your ceiling fans on reverse at low speed to help circulate the heat that collects up at the ceiling. This is a great way to lower your utility costs in the winter and make your home more comfortable.

If you don’t have ceiling fans we have you covered there as well. Cases where there is a ceiling light in the room we can remove this light, install a fan rated box and install a ceiling fan for you. When you find Best Overland Park Electrician you will have called the right place. We will give your home an 11 point safety inspection to ease your mind and make sure your electrical system can carry you through the winter.

Smart System

Have you ever considered installing a whole house generator system? We are approaching the season of ice storms and cold snowy days. Erbert Electric Overland Park can design and install a system that is right for your home. We can control 100% of your home with a Briggs and Stratton Symphony II whole house generator. If the power goes out you will be up and running in less than 3 minutes. The system is a smart system and can be completely controlled from an app on your phone. It is really a great system and a lot more affordable than one would think.

If your electrical panel is more than 25 years old it needs serious attention. Most home owners don not know this but your panel has reached the end of its life and should be replaced. When you call us, you will Find the Best Overland Park Electrician for this job. We can diagnose the age of your panel and get that fixed for you right away. Today’s technology has advanced the equipment is better than it used to be and advancements in safety is a must have.

The best way to handle the winter is to have a whole house inspection and then you can decide from there what work you’d like to complete. We offer free in home estimates to get your home ready for winter. You can find the Best Overland Park Electrician by calling Erbert Electric at (913) 738-4843 or visit us on the web at Look at all our 5 star google reviews. You won’t be disappointed.