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Are you aware that electrical systems in your home need routine maintenance?  Most Overland Park Electricians are qualified to do maintenance on your home but do you trust them?  Erbert Electric is built on providing trust worthiness service for all our customers. We believe in offering great value to our customers at a fair price.  


Breakers and panel boards


The useful life of a breaker panel and components in general is based on a few certain criteria.  The life depends on conditions present in the location of the panel board. Because the panel board is located outside the life expectancy is expected be lower due to being exposed to the weather.  The manner in which the panel board has been used is also a factor to consider. Have the breakers been loaded to their max for an extended period of time? Is the breaker used as a switch to frequently to turn the load off or on?  Has there been routine maintenance on the panel board? Thing that can be controlled are ambient temperature, the conditions of the environment in which the components are installed, the amount of load on the equipment and a proper maintenance schedule.  The laws of physics such as insulation life cannot be changed. Overland Park Electricians can evaluate the condition of your panel board and give you direction on repairing the equipment.


General wiring


When we speak of wiring there are 2 factors to consider.  The condition of the conductor and the condition of the insulation.  Some things that can cause damage to conductors are ambient temperature such as high attic temperature, over heating due to high current flow, loose electrical connection such as a loose outlet screw, environmental conditions surrounding the conductors and overall age of the conductor insulation.  Your Overland Park Electricians can use a ohmmeter to test the insulation and give you an overall assessment of the insulation condition on your wiring.




Let’s face it, we all know electrical switches and outlets wear out.  The can become loose and create a bad connection. A bad connection can cause overheating and in extreme cases cause the plastic on the outlet or cord to melt.  Switches can become loose and cause the same problems. If you experience a loose outlet or a switch that you have to wiggle the device should be replaced by Overland Park Electricians.


Erbert Electric is your solution to electrical system evaluation and repairs.  We can perform insulation tests and do an overall evaluation of your electrical system.  We can give you a free estimate to make the necessary repairs to keep your electrical system in top notch condition and