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Grounding is one of the most important aspects of an electrical system that helps protect Overland Park Electricians from shocks.  In the United States we use a residential electric system that is referred to as 120/240 volt single phase. This system requires a grounded wire to supplement the power wire as a return path to complete the circuit.  This wire relies on a connection to earth with a rod, plate or a pipe. In the dry climates like Kansas, the ground rod, plate or pipe can become dry around it and then not make good connection. This connection can create all types of electrical problems.  Are you aware of this type of problem?


Another reason for grounding in an electrical system is personal protection.  If you are using an electrical appliance that is metal, the appliance is normally connected to the grounding system of your home.  This provides a path for stray currents to escape if the metal appliance accidentally becomes energized. This ground path also provides a path for the current to flow in the event of a short circuit.  If there is no available path during these circumstances, the appliance becomes energized and poses a risk for electric shock or in severe cases death.  


Do you know how to tell if your system is properly grounded?  Are you trained in or an expert in grounding? As Overland Park Electricians we are trained to identify these potential hazards and are capable of repairing them.  We take pride in our training and would love to pass this help on to you. We offer free evaluations and free estimates to make sure your home is properly grounded.


By making sure your electrical system meets current grounding and bonding codes it will give you piece of mind.  Erbert Electric Overland Park would love to assist you today. Our services range from the smallest of tasks, to large and complex electrical projects.  We have been electricians for a long time. We have a combined total experience of almost 40 years. Our master electrician and owner has over 25 years himself.  So rest assured we can figure out your problem and get you back on track the right way. We have an overall 5 star rating on Google. Call us today at (913)-738-4843.