Overland Park Electricians | Water and Electricity don’t mix

This content was written for Erbert Electric


Does your home have electrical outlets near a water source such as sinks or tubs?  Many Overland Park Electricians have worked on a house with a pool in the backyard.  What about a spa or massage tub? Have you ever considered what could happen if an electrical apparatus fell into the water?  Erbert Electric is owned and operated by a master electrician. We can help you identify the problem areas and we can also help you fix these problems. 


The NEC states that all outlets on counter tops in kitchens, all bathrooms, all garages, unfinished basements and close to pools must be GFCI protected.  This is important to assure the safety of your family. GFCI outlets are designed to stop the flow of electricity when a current flow to ground is detected.  If you happen to drop your toaster in a sink full of water, the current starts to flow through the water. This creates a touch potential that can be hazardous to you.  The GFCI outlet, through a series of metering devices, is smart enough to know there is a problem and shuts off the power.



One single GFCI outlet is capable of controlling more than one outlet through a series electrical connection.  This means as a home owner you can save some money and be protected. Erbert Electric can access your home and recommend where to install GFCI protection.  In most cases, through a series of tests we can determine how many GFCI’s you will need and see if we can feed several outlets off one GFCI. We can give you a free estimate and do the work in the same day.


Erbert Electric is the perfect choice to be your Overland Park Electrician.  We complete the task quickly and clean up the mess before we leave. The only way you would know we have been there is because there is a brand new GFCI mounted on your wall.  Erbert Electric  has hundreds of satisfied customers and we have an overall 5 star rating on google.  


If you are in need of electrical repairs, maintenance or new construction we are the best choice period.  Erbert Electric has wired hundreds of new buildings and worked in hundreds of homes. Bottom line is, we know what we are doing.  Please contact us today to get your no obligation free quote. Call (913)-738-4843 for immediate service. We look forward to serving you as your Overland Park Electrician.  Give us a try and you will be satisfied, that’s our promise.