Overland Park Electricians | Electric Service Replacement

This content was written for Erbert Electric


Have you ever been left out in the dark waiting on Overland Park Electricians?  Does your service have bad spots in the wire that need addressed?

Would you like to have piece of mind while you are using electricity?  Would you like to hire a competent Overland Park Electricians that can address your issues and get you back on the right track?  If your current electrical contractor is giving you the run around, you may want to consider another route.


At Erbert Electric we specialize in electric service repairs.  We can get you a free estimate and have you up and running very fast.  It is important to look over your service on the house and visually inspect it for defects.  It is in the elements 100% of the time. This exposure to the elements can cause deterioration on the wires and components.  Your safety depends on the connections and the insulation on the wires. If any of these parts are compromised, it could cause a dangerous situation for your family and your home.  


At Overland park electricians, we take safety very seriously and we are here to help.  We offer services that can include complete service rebuilds. The office staff at Erbert Electric will contact the utility company to shut off the power.  Our technicians will repair your electric service and bring it up to the latest addition of the national electric code. We will have the service inspected by the city code enforcement officer and have your power turned back on in the same day.

Upfront Pricing

If cost is an issue you can rest assured that Erbert Electric will give you up front pricing and that will be the final price.  In most cases we will be lower priced than other Overland Park Electricians. We can give you an plan and a proposal free of charge and the work can start very quickly once it is approved.  We would love to help you out today.

Please give us a call so we can schedule you an appointment now and we will get you penciled in.  We are always on time to our appointments and we believe this is what makes a difference.  Pride in our work is a must and we take pride in our work. Please give us a call today and get your electric service inspected.  We will provide you with several options to choose from. Make an appointment today by calling (913) 738-4843.