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Have you tried searching for an electrician with low, low prices? Did you call several different Overland Park Electricians and they were too expensive? Do you want your electrical work done quickly and correctly? Erbert Electric is available and we’ll give you a free estimate on what you need done. Call us today to discuss your needs and give us the opportunity to help you!
One of the things that makes Erbert Electric different from the other Overland Park Electricians, is their customer service. When we have work done on our own home or business, we want to be treated well so we make an effort to extend superior customer service to all of our customers.

We take every day as an opportunity to serve our customers in the most professional way possible. We at Erbert Electric are courteous and on time and appreciative of your trust. Put your trust in us at Erbert Electric to take care of whatever you need done.

Erbert Electric

At Erbert Electric, we offer many different services for both residential customers and commercial ones. If your bathroom switches don’t work, we can definitely figure out why and fix the issue. We can hang new lighting for your home, office or store easily and affordably.

If you have recently moved to a new house or office, we can make sure your wiring is up to date and up to code and not the old knob and tube wiring. It is considered very dangerous as it is not at all safe. It can be a big safety hazard and most insurance won’t even cover a home that still has knob and tubing wiring. If we go to a home that has this we always recommend that the homeowners have us remove all of that kind of wiring and replace it with better and safer wiring that we commonly use today.

With pages and pages of electricians listed, it is often confusing as to who to pick. Our previous customers, both residential and commercial, will tell you we are reliable and very professional. Erbert Electric employees have experienced and licensed in several other states. Plus we give free estimates so you know what to plan for!

Every day we strive to seek more to learn so we can continue to excel in our field. We are honest and won’t try to push any thing on you that you don’t need. Pick up the phone and call us today!

If you have an electrical project or an electrical need around Overland Park, Erbert Electric is who to call. Check out our google reviews and see how we are have the best costumer service in the area. Please visit our website at Remember to give us a call to set up your free estimate today. Call us at (913)738-4843 and you will find using Erbert Electric for every electrical need, is the right choice!.