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Is there a burning smell in your home or business? Have you tried calling other Overland Park Electricians and no one is available? Are you concerned your outlet will catch on fire? If this is the case, Erbert Electric is able and willing to take care of your problem. Call us today to discuss your needs and allow us to help you!

Trust Us

One of the things that separates Erbert Electric from the other Overland Park Electricians, is they understand peoples fears. We treat our customers right and make sure that they are satisfied with whatever work we may have done. It is also very important to us that we fix anything that went wrong if it is in our power. Erbert Electric knows each customer is uncomfortable dealing with electricity and we have years of experience in both large and small jobs. We strive to be courteous and confident when doing our job. Trust us at Erbert Electric to take care of whatever you need done.

At Erbert Electric, we can take care of that burning smell by finding the source. We will calm your fear and fix the problem. If it is the outlet we will replace it. We make sure to replace any bad wiring if needed and we make sure our work is code compliant. We are qualified in both residential work and commercial work. Our electricians are confident we can alleviate your fears and rid your home of the dangerous burning smell and risk. We can do anything electrical you need done from new lights to updating your panel. If your breakers are not working or constantly go off, we can replace those with updated ones. We can add outlets and switches anywhere you want or need more of.

Call Us Today

Because there are so many electricians around Overland park, sometimes it is difficult to find one available. Erbert Electric employees strive to answer your call and get your appointment set up as soon as possible. Qualified in both residence and businesses. Licensed in surrounding states and we give free estimates so you know what to plan for! Our technicians take each job seriously regardless of the size or amount of time it will take. Any fear you have of electricity we will ensure your problem is resolved. We have good deals on ceiling fan installation. Instead of using a ladder or stool to try to do it yourself, we can take care of that for you.

Please visit our website at Read a bit about what we do and look at our past projects. Remember to give us a call to set up your free estimate today. We are sure you will be relieved and your fear start to leave. Don’t Wait, you won’t be sorry. Call us today at (913)738-4843 and you will find using Erbert Electric for every electrical need, Just makes sense!.